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” her mind screamed国产亚洲精品无码无需播放器

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” her mind screamed国产亚洲精品无码无需播放器

The director adjusted the focus on his camera. The room was stifling hot and it seemed like the white tiled walls were dripping as much sweat at the bodies of the three men and their nubile suspended prisoner.He could hear the street chatter through the skylight, but knew her screams would not travel the other way. Below in his home the director’s wife continued to play the TV on full volume the dull thud coming up between his feet. The neighbours might complain but it wouldn’t be about the screaming.He adjusted his black hood so he could see clearly down the viewfinder.Lara was looking fantastic. Now stretched to attention arms above her head tied to the suspended manacles she looked much taller. Her figure was like a coke bottle in its curvaceous elegance, great hips and now that big heaving chest in all its glory. While fucking her doggie her tits had hung like two prize fruits, hard and swaying. But now they stood as erect beautiful glistening domes her pink teats like those on a baby’s feeding bottle, big and rubbery. The perspiration on her body had turned her from English rose to sultry bronze, her breasts covered in rivulets of sweat down to her toned tummy.She was trying to wriggle free doing a sexy dance on tip toe her hips swaying knees together to help raise her body a fraction more. But it was pointless, she was trussed well and even if she collapsed her body would slump but a few inches from the vertical and she would just sway there like a meat carcass.Lara felt like a human toy hung on some giant kids bedroom. The black hooded men looked ridiculous and horrific at the same time. There was the fat hairy director with his string vest, his accomplice the Yank with the glistening aging power lifter body and finally the runt of the pack, the brother. He looked more agitated; his hood making him twitch or was it something else, fear, bravado or even insanity?Only a few hours ago she was planning on meeting a charismatic handsome Kiwi guide for a jungle adventure. But some how she’d arrived here in this hellhole. A world she never dreamed existed. A world of debauched life and underground rape movies!“Oh God no please I’ve done what you wanted,” she gulped trying to reason. But the three masked men seemed impervious to her pleas. The scenes they’d already recorded made her nauseous with humiliation. But it was getting worse and worse as they continued, the abyss of filth and degradation sucking her deeper and deeper.Her blonde hair was stuck to her face and hanging bedraggled about her neck and rampant tits. The position of her arms pulled above her head had thrust her melons out making a Barbie style figurine.She shook her head and looked left and right at plan tiled walls for some hope of escape. In front of her the next game was about to start and she was horrified.“Oh no no no!” She was ranting her eyes looking wild like a cornered animal. “Not the leads!”“Oh God why? Please why me?” Her ridiculous question remained unanswered. Innocent or not she didn’t need to ask what they had planned next and all this desperate pleading was just adding to the evil mans movie.The Yank came closer his big tattooed armed holding her waist steady allowing the younger man; the directors drug fuelled brother to do his thing.The brother had the silver spring-tensioned nipple clamps in his hands. He was using his thumbs to make both open like snapping beaks of some mechanical bird. The yellow cables hung down from each metal device until they finally snaked into the leather-encased black box on the floor. The transformer.“Be still bitch! “ He demanded the Yanks fingers biting into her hips his hands almost able to touch around her waist. Lara was shaking her head the snapping beaks getting closer.“No please don’t you oh no, no, no!” The brother was focusing on his jobSnap!Snap!The metal clamps bit tight on her big teats Lara making a yelp as a double sting of sensation shot from her breast tips. The spring locked clamps gripped unyieldingly her nipple distended the pink nuts bloated the areolas turning blue with the restriction of blood.“Oh Jesus!” She wailed gyrating her hips her tits swinging with their cables bonded nipples.“The jelly,” the experienced filmmaker said coaching the others, “make sure you spread it on thick.”Lara grunted and squealed the clamps biting; the young brother applying the conducting gel onto her big points the stuff like axel grease. Lara’s neck was straining as she tried to pull away. But it was useless.“No no noooooooo!” She begged her big expressive eyes looking down in horror as he carefully applied the gel.“We don’t want your nipples to explode,” the brother goaded through his mask his demented exited eyes telling her differently. His fingers cupped her heaving tits so he could check his handy work; both were securely wired, greased and ready.“Oh baby you’re such a big succulent girl.” He slavered his mouth hole oozing saliva. It looked like his drug abuse had begun to catch up with him; surely lust couldn’t produce that much drool? “Time to cook your lovely fruits.” He declared.The Yank pointed to the dial on the black box lid. It was numbered 1 to 4 around the circumference. ”Let see those jugs take some punishment.” He drawled his American accent clearer and seeming more surreal than the other Latino ranting.“At max you’ll pass out!” He added. “You’d best talk before then.”She scoffed in a condescending manner. “Talk? What? I don’t ugggg!” She felt the slap of the brother’s hand.“Talk like a whore,” the little bastard said putting his hand upon the dial. ”We want to record your filthy confession.”“Confession?” Lara opened her mouth about to tell him to fuck off and …Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!The power surged up the wires to the metal teeth. Lara felt her nipples stiffen her whole breast harden then her body begin to flex involuntarily the sensation like nothing she’d ever imagined.“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Her mouth made a cute oval her legs prancing like a puppet on a rope.In a moment it was over and she had time to give a painful yelp. Her sweet cry lagged behind the surge of power like thunder after lightning.Her body was an avalanche of perspiration the skin on her tits so taut she thought she was made of stretched rubber. She was swinging on the manacles like in a gale the men taking time to record her desperate attempts at release.“Take deep breaths,” the director said and she spluttered at his schoolteacher style.“Oh heavens no,” her mind screamed,” it’s time for a lesson on the limits of perversion and I’m the student.” “This is were you help us finish the movie.” The director added. “An intelligent girl like you can remember a few lines.” Continued the Yank. “I want her to make her own filthy cum loving words first.” Finished the brother and she stared in anger back at him and in a high school mistress tone she snapped a reply.“You filthy little man how dare you…”Immediately dial turned again this time to 2 and Lara felt her breasts inflate her spine convulse her ass fart as she jerked on her rope. Her tits thrust out the clamps fizzing, the electricity feeling like two silicone implants of power trying to expand out of her body. He held the power on longer and she gave a scream of despair her neck straining her body so tense it looked like it would snap like a twig. Then the torment was gone again.The camera caught the image as the power subsided Lara’s body dropping limp her mouth coughing; her hair in her mouth as she gasped. The sweat was like a coat of varnish all over her body, her knees bent inwards feet wriggling like some after shock.“Please!” she moaned. “I don’t know what to say.”The brother put his hand on the dial again “No! “ She screamed. “Ok! Ok! I’m a fucking whore!”The big Yank laughed, he was still naked his hand toying with his limp cock.“Go on,” the brother said.There was a pause Lara unsure… Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!“Three!” called out the Brother in obvious delight.Her tits felt like needles had been pushed into them her breast almost glowing. They appeared to be inflating beyond belief. Or was that only in her crazed mind? Her eyes crossed, her hair now starting to spread out like a waking medusa, the blonde strands standing upright. Her knees collapsed in, her tongue stabbing out of her beautiful mouth licking the air in frenzy.“Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!”The world was a kaleidoscope of colour and sensation the smell of electricity cracking in the air. The director could see something else. It was rare but it had been known to happen before. Her moans and flashes of expression told him something she dare not admit. The tit shocking was bringing her off.The power stopped the world crashing down.“Aggggggggggg stoppppppppppppppppp!” She began to yelp over and over her legs running on the spot without her control, like some headless chicken. But her clit was also screaming fighting for her attention along with her desperate nipples.“She’s going to pop!” The Yank said finally noticing what his experience college had already surmised. The hooded director nodded back silently.Was it the pain? Was it the surge of energy in to every fibre of her body? Or was the humiliation so black and alien that was doing it to her? She didn’t know or care her body was obeying its own rules now. “You dirty bitch,” the Yank added in delight taking command of the dial. “Yes let’s see it miss English prim. Fucking coming while you’re wired up like a hi-fi.”The power erupted again on 3 and Lara thought the room had been flooded in strobe lighting her breasts appearing to resonate like two beating hearts, her ass clenched so tight it felt like it would suck itself inside out. Her clit felt the coursing of power through its engorged bud as if was between the teeth of a mad man.“Oh Fuuckkkkkkkkk!” Her mind screamed in apocalyptic disbelief her thought dark and bizarre. “Can you come and die at the same time?”Then she felt the world catch up; hit her hard flinging her back into the hot white torture room of the here and now. The squeak of her sweaty feet sliding on porcelain, the smell of electricity in the air like the perfume of a passing woman, now departed. The power had gone again.The saliva dripped from her mouth her suspended tied arms now the only thing stopping her from collapsing. Her knees were buckled pressing thighs onto her burning clit, her nipples now feeling more part of the jack lead device than the summits of her heavenly domes.“Do you want a hard fucking bitch?” The brother asked to camera.She groaned then yelped seeing his hand go to the dial again. “Yes, yes hard fucking,” she screamed in panic with her last morsels of energy.“Are you a dirty bitch?”“Yes cough splutter,” she replied.He moved over to the wall and picked up a long plastic rod. The thing had a tree of bristles at one end. Lara recognised it as a toilet brush. “Oh fuck!” She gasped.“Do you want cleaning out?” He asked bringing the hard bristled brush toward her exhausted chest. He looked into her eyes then down at the dial, number 4 still beckoning.“Yes, yes clean me out.” Lara groaned embarrassed by the words as much as her naked suspended state. Her body was betraying her, clit on fire, she didn’t crave sexual release just rescue from this torment.He paused and she begged in a desperate tone fearing he preferred his dial games.“Please fuck me with it. Do it, fuck me!”The director focused in close on her pussy this brother fingers opening her mound.“Spread your legs then you slut,” he said calmly Lara shaking her head in disgust but doing what he commanded thinking. “Oh God no not hard.Please be gentle!”Then she felt him push the brush upwards into her tight twat. The bristles disappeared so did most of the handle and she groaned at the spiny creature pressed on her cervix. The sensation made her clit convulse it was unable to slow the inevitable eruption no matter how much she didn’t want them to see…and record.She gave out a sensuous groan of disgust. Then he pulled back until the bristle head was about to re-appear from her slit.Then back in again.Up!Down.Up!Down.“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”She bounced upwards trying to climb the rope trying to reduce the stuffing effect on her shaft.“Ugh, ugh, ugh!”The brother grunted in effort his cleaning motion increasing to a frantic stabbing. The other men were encouraging him satisfied with the expression on her face, the sight of her pussy quivering and the disgusting sloshing noise of a pipe been rifled clean. She was in fast rhythmic grunts herself; she was coming.“Yes that’s it you slut, all the way up.” He laughed adding as if she didn’t already know. “I’m twisting it too, not wanting to miss any spots!” The brother tongue was hanging from his mouth hole his enjoyment evident the American also keen to see gripping her inside knee making her open her thighs wider.“Spread open girl!” He ordered, and Lara was stuck between keeping her legs close and increasing the brush rubbing on her inside or opening them easing the rods access but letting its head ram up against her womb.She chose the later.“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” It felt like he wanted to bury it in her tummy. The bristle head battering her dead end any second fearing he might cause her an awful injury up there.“Ugh, ugh,999久久久免费精品国产 ugh.” He was thrusting like he wanted to pop her head from her shoulders that was the final straw and her body surrendered to the inevitable.The bathroom thundered with her screaming orgasm. The bristle head suddenly liquid coated the motion creating a shower of juice from her thigh wide slit. Lara’s eyes rolled back white her spine arched as if the electricity was back on her pussy sucking; kneading the long hard bristled brush like a flexing fist.The climatic lament was like a passing train; building rapidly to a defending pitch then whistling into the distance.“What an ejaculation!” The director shouted in applauds. This bitch was a dream.His brother withdrew the brush the bristles appearing at her labia like a strange flower its petals opening at daybreak until all was removed and the camera lens could record what a big stiff tree it had been inside her hot tight body.The director spoke so to be heard on film.” Why is she here?”His brother relayed the question to her gripping her cheeks forcing a pout.“Why bitch; why do you deserve this?”The Yank pressed his mouth to her ear whispering her lines. She shook her head the climax subsiding reality kicking in. She couldn’t say that filth, young boys! No she wouldn’t do it. She spat in refusal. “No you fucks,” she screamed. “I won’t, I can’t please just do what you want don’t make me help.”The director bent down to his viewfinder he already knew what the response would bring. “I think you need to sleep on it.” He said calmly.Lara looked in total horror as the brother reached for the dial and she changed her mind. “Ok, ok I’m sorry I’ll do…” But it was too late.It was like been hit by a tidal wave of sparking glowing torrent. Her hair stood out like a crazy wig every part of her body trying to get as far way as it could from every other part. Her feet lifted from the basin her arms locked straight up her mouth open in a silent yawn eyes bulging; her throat coughing up a long inhuman wail. The air was humming the nipple clamps steaming as her tits oscillated to the current.In seconds she was unconscious. The director knew when she awoke she would be more willing to learn her lines.********************It was a humid rain filled evening a week later when the Kiwi finally sat down to see the film. Beer in one hand his cock in the other his eyes couldn’t turn away from the carnival of lust and humiliation he was watching. Even with only two cameras the production quality was pretty good. Sure some cuts were more obvious than others but nothing to upset the flow of the film.His relationship with these sick fuckers had its benefits.Like usual he had met the Yank in the non-descript coffee house. They did their business like a thousand times before; like a thousand other meeting around the world. But these days there was more personal business and a new world he had been introduced to. No one knew of this; no one could ever know.“Here’s the latest production,” the bald sunglass wearing American had said.The Kiwi took it from him in his practised covert way.“Our mutual customers are very pleased,” The Yank added. “Your share of the money will be wired today.” “Any more lined up?” He then added.“Fuck,” the Kiwi replied, “lets at least give it a couple of months.”He then paused a moment in thought. He could see the Americans furrowed brow. He was close to his full trust now. Better not blow it.”Ok 4 weeks. I already have a new mark.”The Yank smiled and slapped him on the shoulder, “that’s my boy!”As he walked away he felt the videodisc in his pocket. The ever meeting he’d just binned it in disgust. But now over a year and many contracts later he’d slowly changed until he too could no longer resist the lure of the directors “art.”It was only much later that day he could enjoy the film. And enjoying it he was.His bloated cock head was seeping juice and he’d been struggling to hold off his release for the last fifteen minutes. On the video the unconscious Lara had just been untied from the bath gallows her nipples unclamped the camera focusing on the distended sore teats.Her body was carried over to the john and moments later the beautify woman wriggled and bucked on her knees head forced into the toilet basin and the cistern flushed. Her head came up spluttering the water bringing her back from her blissful sleep.She spat and thrashed her mane like a demented dog the men pinning her sexy body down hard her hands pushing back stopping them crushing her on the white rim.“Are you ready now!” The voices shouted as she just wriggled and spluttered.“Answer us.” She still appeared detached and confused.“Why are you being punished?”The movie seemed to jump in time a fraction then the camera angle changed Lara still sprawled over the john the masked brother asking the questions again.“What did we catch you doing slut?” He said this in a more caring manner his chest rising as he calmed himself after some obvious spanking exertion.He lifted her head showing her sexy face the words coming from her lips slowly between pants of equal spanking attention.“Sucking young boys off,” she sobbed.The masked face turned to the others out of shot. “What!” He said in mock disgust.Lara answered again. “Sucking boys off. Sucking teenage boys.” She groaned at her lines, “oh fuck,” then added. “I’m a spunk loving slut I’m sorry I’m so sorry.”The voice behind the camera continued the discussion happy with the performance.“But Mama caught you didn’t she? Taking two school kids cocks in your mouth at once bitch!”The brother slapped her ass Lara yelping and nodding. As the camera panned you could see an orange tube protruding from her anus. It curled up high to a stainless stand finally attached to a large hot water bottle type bladder. Another hooded body that the watching Kiwi recognised as the Yank stood naked adjusting the flow, water filling her rectal void bit by bit.“More?” The bull sized man shouted.Lara nodded, “Ug yes more, more, fill me up please.”The voice of the director could be heard over the film as Lara’s face contorted the brother pouring a jug of slimy water into the bladder; “that’s it, all of the fucking stuff. Come on you dirty girl suck it in. We’ll teach you to molest young boys.”Lara hands grip the toilet rim her moans deep and gargling. It sounded as if the fluid would pour up out of her throat.Then it was time to remove it from her butt.The tube came out of her ass the voice over silent. Then there was a cheer and a zoom in as her anus started to belch the watery contents onto the tiled floor. Fat fingers spread her cheeks and she groaned in horror as this loosened her muscles more it increased to a dirty sounding spray. Her anal contents released with such gusto it looked like she was jet propelled.“Uggghhh no please!”As her water display subsided she was snapped out of her self-pity by hard slaps on her rear; the men punishing her for such naughty behaviour. Suddenly the view began to bob and sway as the cameraman removed the recorder from steady tripod.It was time to move sets.The Yank was pulling Lara by her hair back into the bedroom. The beautiful woman hurried to keep up shoulder bowed ass getting a few swipes from the following brother.In his darkened room the Kiwi groaned under his breath. He remembered how sexy and cute she had been in the bar, a little cautious of him too. It had been a challenge to get her interested. But in the end he’d delivered her on time and on target; straight into their clutches. As he stroked his cock he glanced at the picture wall. There was series of shots showing Lara about town, in bars etc. He always did his homework well. Overlaid were new pics of a sultry brunette airhostess. His timetable told him she’d be back in Argentina in 4 weeks.“He groaned again thinking of his next actress. But that was in the future he still had this one to admire.Back on the video the big glistening Yank pressed Lara upright against the wall, the woman pushing her hands back onto the wallpaper as she faced him.His big hairless cock was waving against her thigh and the camera panned down as he used his powerful bicep arms to spread her thighs. Lara looked down over her heaving chest her long nailed fingers touching her own labia easing the man’s entry.“Slow please ughhhhhhhh!”His cock head found the entrance and immediately he thrust into her Lara grunting her hips lifting. His hands gripped under her thighs onto her ass raising the nubile busty woman. She in turn hooked her legs around his wide girth pressing her shoulders against the wall as he began to thunder up inside her at breakneck speed.Thud! Thud! Thud! Thud!The humping noise was of flesh on flesh mixed with a constant thumping, as her butt hammered the partition wall. She was grunting with each stroke her feet locked together behind his frame slapping down on his car size ass.The filthy video image circled his standing thrusting body, Lara’s nails biting into his shoulders her body pounded against the wall with each forward rut of his cock. Her hands gripped his baggy hood tugging down and the big man took this as a cue to pound harder her sweaty big ass slamming against the wall.Lara’s pink lips glistened her face one of gritted exertion. She wasn’t speaking just grunting loud yelping bleats of release, the man’s cock hitting so deep she felt he was trying to nail her to the wall.Suddenly there were noises from next door; the occupants hammering back on the wall in protest the forced fucking disturbing their afternoon. As the Yank continued to grind up her the brother hit back onto the wallpaper with his fists ranting in Spanish not amused by the neighbours angry complaint.Her head fell onto the American shoulder her mouth open and she made retching noises in time with his upward fucks.Satisfied he’d nailed her to the limit he pulled her from the wall and still hooked around his waist turned and dropped her onto the bed, the camera showing his long slong slip from her like a wet massive hotdog.Lara only has a moment to lift her body before both men forced her into a tight kneeling position both angling hard cocks at her mouth.The voice of the director spoke. “Show us what you love to do with your school class.” “Open bitch!” The Yank ordered, the hooded brother grabbing her long blonde mane in a ball behind her head pushing her lips towards the rampant heads.Lara looked surprise then struggled then tried harder as both cock heads pressed at her beautiful open mouth.The director could be heard coaching and commenting on the shots like a whispering voice over the chaos. “Good, good that’s it yes…over a bit…now push in…yes.”The hot teachers eyes seemed to cross her nostrils flaring as both long members entered into her mouth side by side. She was gagging her face one of concentrated effort both cocks fighting to thrust the deepest. They pressed heads inside appearing to flick at each other one pushing over the other her cheeks bulging on both sides like she was giving a full hearty blow on a trombone.The slurping noises were deep and stomach churning so much saliva slipping from her lips it looked like she had missed her mouth with a full bottle of beer.In the video her eyes looked wild and disbelieving; looking straight into the camera the horror of filming it evident.“Come on her,” the whispering voice said and the Yank pulled from her lips his hand began to jerk his cock. Lara lifted her head upwards as the brother’s cock reluctantly sprang from her mouth. He took it in one hand climbing on the bed getting behind her for awaiting his orders for a doggie fuck.“Sit up!” the Yank shouted his hand becoming a blur on his deep pink cock.The brother slapped her ass and Lara bucked upright her tits out; squeeze together by her locked upright arms.“Push them tighter together bitch,” the director said in his disembodied voice and his viewfinder closed in on two glistening prize buns a deep dark valley forming between them.You could see the chin of the hooded brother as he whispered in her ear telling her what to say and seconds latter the sweet gasping voice of Lara encouraged the imminent explosion over her.“Oh please mister.” She groaned then added with a little effort,” cover me. I want it all over my big juicy tits!”The Yanks timing was excellent for as her words trailed off he began to pump with extravagant hip movements.The come flew like a fire extinguisher, the white juice covering her sore big nipples, strands dripping down from teats like Christmas tinsel. In a few jerking moments her big bouncy jugs were awash with glistening deposit a disgusted yelp from Lara as a particularly thick mucus like glob spattered on her right tits.She had only moments to put her hands up to touch the wet domes before she stiffened. The hooded brother was climbing onto her doggie rear pushing inside her.Watching the film in his dark room the Kiwis hand was frantically tugging his cock. He was near climax. “Oh shit what next?” He thought as the camera was fixed back on the tripod the director, hood wearing with his dirty vest coming into view.Although she was been fucked doggie the picture frame was of her shoulders and head and the directors big bruised cock pushed into her mouth. “Now suck papa bitch!” He taunted in delight.Lara was choking with the length in her mouth and grunting with the length up her pussy. The men were spit-roasting her using their cocks as skewersThe director’s cock slipped out and the busty teachers gawped in confusion as the Yank closed in. His hand gripped her hair jerking her head back his limp cock in his other hand.“Shit!” the Kiwi said aloud this was it he couldn’t hold on anymore.On the screen Lara spluttered and made a gargled cry the Americans limp cock releasing a stream of piss onto her tounge. His cock was inside her mouth his pelvis pressed against her cheek as urine begun to spill over her chin. As he withdrew she convulsed, her mouth retching the dirty contents out. But in that moment, as she opened her mouth the directors cock launched like a missile down her throat.The Kiwi’s hand suddenly turned white his cock ejecting up and over him as he watched this sexy girl he had baited and lured. Her big lips bubbled with piss the ramming cock making her swallow and spew urine at the same time.“No you dirty fuckkkkks!” Moaned the watching man as his red raw tool spat its last load.Back in the film the director withdrew his cock slapping her face the piss dripping from her lips her body still in constant motion as his brother rode her from behind.There were more questions and she nodded at each one, some after a quick slap.“You dirty bitch; is that tasty?”“Bigger than a boys cock?”“Too much? Too fucking big bitch?”Lara was now on all fours the brother riding her like a pony hand holding her hair to steady himself. The bed rattled and shook as he rocked into her his cock stabbing straight plugging her full.The viewing Kiwi pushed his sticky cock back in his pants and pressed the fast-forward.The picture became triple layered the figures doing a crazy high-speed dance.The director fucking her from the rear.Then the brother again.Then the director again pressing her head onto the sheet as he hammered with all his might, it was near the end and the Kiwi hit the play button again.Lara fell onto her back both men kneeling over her, pushing their cocks to her nose and blinking eyes. The come began to spit from both as in unison they emptied over her face. Once again her strong features dripped with semen the stuff like a veil of slime her mouth opening to catch a breath the veil looking like she had the plastic back over her until the thin come blanket split open the contents dropping into her mouth.The exhausted satisfied men pulled her upright to face the camera. Her face was like a clowns makeup gone wrong. Big patches of white skin; caked in men’s deposit her eyes blackened at the rims as her eye-liner ran. “What do you say?” Barked the Yank.“Th-thank you,” groaned the ravished backpacker.She suddenly stiffened and screamed as she saw something out of shot. The Kiwi watched in horror as on the video she struggled as the big bulk of the Yank came into view.He had a hypodermic syringe in his hand and the viewing man gulped as they injected her. Within seconds the Lara was limp.The scene faded out then slowly reappeared. The men were in a car bodies pressed against the lens arms against windows as the vehicle streaked through hot nighttime streets. The face of Lara could be seen bright lipstick on, her eyes amateurishly done with massacre. She was wearing a tight hot little pink t-shirt and her denim shorts. Her eyes looked dull her mouth foaming a little and as the car stopped you could see she was drugged to a delirious state.The men were clothed and unmasked now but their faces never came into view. Instead the film recorded the long legs of Lara sprawling out of the car; high heel sandals making her teeter like a falling tree.The men pushed her away from them and her arm reached out as she staggered to the sidewalk. Around were the oppressive noises of the slums nightlife; music, cars, shouting men etc. On the video you could already hear the cat calls from passing youths.As the ravage beauty now resembling some lady-boy whore staggered down the alley the shot focused on her great ass. The denim jeans had been ripped away at the back showing two rubbing ass cheeks. Across one sexy rear bun was written ‘FUCK’ and across the other the words ‘HERE’; both in big red pen.As Lara stumbled away, drugged, disorientated and dressed for the enjoyment of the perverted the picture faded to black and the words ‘The director of Buenos-Aries’ appeared.The Kiwi grinned then swigged his beer, his hairy chest glistening with the effort of masturbation and the effect of the hot evening air.“Good luck honey,” he said raising the bottle in salute.He much preferred it this way. The Yank had as many secrets as perversions and he wondered how many months or even years he would be able to gleam knowledge from this rogue CIA operative; now that he had a “relationship.” If he could avoid it his plans didn’t need to involve murder. Questions were never asked in his business, it was the way things were done. But even the police would act on dumped bodies and if that happened he’d be on his own.“I wonder if she’s found her way back,” he thought to himself. “Maybe she just woke up a few days latter used and abused by the street and got the next flight out.”He certainly knew that no incident of abduction had been reported to the police. He knew that for certain. As the security attaché for the British embassy and a member of MI6 he had developed many ways to acquire as well as to hide information within this chaotic and vibrant city.THE END



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